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What’s Fullerene ’ in F+APP Essence?
Fullerene - Like Diamonds, a Carbon Allotrope
Fullerene, like diamond, is a carbon allotrope (a molecule consisting of a single element). Carbon is an essential element for humans, and thus the discovery of Fullerene represented a landmark, textbook-altering achievement. Scientists are now acknowledging the nearly infinite possibilities of Fullerene, and, because of the expectations for its many applications, some have referred to this discovery as the "Carbon Revolution."
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The Ultimate Symmetry - the Most Beautiful Molecule in Existence
What makes a person beautiful Handsome features A well-proportioned physique By these standards the Fullerene molecule is undeniably beautiful; many scientists have already succumbed to its pure, symmetrical appeal. By 2002, approximately 27,000 research papers and 1,500 patents involving Fullerene had been submitted, and these numbers continue to grow by the year. The scientific community is in the thrall of a Fullerene fever.
A Nobel-Prize Winning Discovery
Fullerene was discovered accidentally during a study of interstellar materials, trace substances in space. Drs. Curl and Smalley of Rice University in the US and Dr. Kroto of the University of Sussex in Great Britain received the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this discovery.
Fullerene in Nature
Beginning with its discovery, scientists have searched for naturally occurring Fullerene, and have since found evidence for the existence since ancient times of trace amounts of Fullerene in nature. Recent studies have found that the molecule is contained in shungite, a graphite-silicate rock found in the Karelian, Republic of Russia, traditionally known for its healing properties, as well as in high-quality ink produced in Weizhou, China, and, in a more familiar example, in candle soot. Fullerene is also present in space, where it acts to reduce hazardous ultraviolet radiation.
Absorbs Radicals Like a Sponge
In 1991, a paper published in Science, one of the most prestigious journals of its kind, shocked researchers in the life sciences. The paper reported that Fullerene absorbs and eliminates radicals (reactive molecular species, including active oxygen, which are hazardous to living organisms) on the molecular level, essentially detoxifying the substances. In the life sciences today, it is said that to control radicals is to control the future of human health. Needless to say, this paper initiated a wave of studies devoted to the bioactivity of Fullerenes.
Expectations for Pharmaceutical Potential (In the Spotlight of the Life Sciences)
Many aggressive studies are currently underway to search for pharmaceutical products that can capitalize on the remarkable bioactivity of Fullerenes. To date, various Fullerene properties have been put to use, such as its ability to eliminate radicals and its particular molecular structure. Studies have found it to be effective in the suppression of metastases, the treatment of cerebral conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, HIV treatment, and Type-C hepatitis therapy. Recently, a drug-developing venture business has succeeded in licensing to a major pharmaceutical company a potential Fullerene drug for the treatment of cerebral conditions.*1
Why Fullerene is different from other current topical antioxidants?
Today mostly we will use vitamin C as conventional antioxidant but Fullerene was scientific approved that has more effective to eliminate free radicals than vitamin C because it has molecular structure like soccer ball, all of surfaces on its molecular can absorbs free radicals, leading scientists call Fullerene the ‘Radical Sponge’.
What is APP about?
Apprecier (Trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate; APP) is a brand-new vitamin C (ascorbic acid, AsA) derivative, having the following characters.
Structure of Apprecier
Apprecier is newly designed as an amphipatic compound composed of Ascorbic 2-Phosphate (AP) and long alkyl chain (C16: palmitic residue). AP has been proved very efficacious for skin care by its ability of scavenging free radicals and promoting collagen synthesis etc. AP obtains hydrophobic character in the form of Apprecier, so that AP obtains the capability of penetrating into the depth of skin and dermis, driven by hydrophobic force. In the meanwhile, Apprecier gets enzymatically catalized and converted into ascorbic acid immediately. Apprecier is easily soluble in water at over 10wt%, In aqueous solutions, Apprecier is gradually decomposed into AP and palmitic acid at higher temperature, which is suppressed by addition of dihydric alcohols such as 1,2-pentanediol or 1,2-hexanediol.*2
Structure of Apprecier
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Where was SYN? - AKE extracted from?
SYN? - AKE is a small peptide that mimic the activity of Waglerin 1, a polypeptide that is found in the venom of the Temper Viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri.
Standard and well-defined safety testing has been performed on SYN? - AKE which has proved the ingredient to be safe for cosmetic use.*3
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How mimic wrinkles are happen?
Mimic wrinkles are part of the visible face wrinkles. As times passes, these wrinkles persist permanently and get deeper and deeper: from lines, laughter lines, and crows feet lines appear more due to the repeated movements of facial muscles.
SYN? - AKE has been developed as efficient smoothing and anti-wrinkle care particularly effective against expression lines by relaxing facial muscles.*4
After Laser treatment which product suitable for skin?
We recommended protect your skin with F+APP Essence for optimum antioxidant, replenish nutrients and moisten by Delicate Moisturizer Essence which blended hyaluronic acid, bioceramide and botanical extracts for restore, cool and soothe inflammed skin also blended hexanediol as antibacterial agent.

For brightening, we suggest Whitening X2 Lotion or Whitening Lotion, to help diminish the appearance of dark spots which may occur from Laser treatment while soothe and calm irritated skin with its anti-inflammatory property.
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